Tuesday, October 16, 2007

How I Ended Up In Real Estate: Part 3 Building the Foundation

My plan called for developing a foundation of skills and experiences that would give me long-term success. To do this I also had to recognize my weaknesses especially that I was an introvert and very analytical. Those can be big advantages in business but from a sales and customer service aspect sometimes you can be taken the wrong way and appear unfriendly.

I picked Sales and Marketing for college because I thought it was singly the best major I could pursue to help improve my weak areas. I could have picked something that I would have naturally excelled at but that was not the purpose. I really had to work hard in college but it paid off and I finished top in my class. Crazy when you think of how much this went against my personality type.

Have you ever done something that you were afraid of, or dreaded so much that you joked about preferring some type of pain? That was how hard it was for me to take that course.

After college it was time to improve on my education with more specific work experiences. It was time to learn how to service clients better and really work with people on a new level.

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