Thursday, October 25, 2007

8 Home Safety Tools

Fire Escape Plan: Have a fire escape plan in place and review it with your family. Talk to your local fire department for helpful hints.

First-Aid Kit: Have a stocked first-aid kit and make sure none of it is expired. Examine it regularly to make sure it is stocked.

First-Aid Training: Even better then a stocked kit is taking the initiative to get professional First-Aid training and certification from an organization like St. John’s. This can save a life.

Fire Extinguisher-type ABC: This is a multipurpose fire extinguisher. Most people may not know that there is actually a type for each material type and unless you have the right type it will not put out your fire. Play it safe and buy a multipurpose extinguisher.

Rechargeable Flashlight: Having a flashlight is very useful in many situations but nothing is worse then having a power failure and dead batteries in it. Take advantage of a wide selection of quality rechargeable flashlights to update your safety tools. There are several on the market that you can also recharge in your vehicle.

Smoke Alarm: I am not sure about your area but most areas have fire codes that require a working smoke alarm on every floor. A good model includes a stop button, test button, and a built-in light. Test it regularly and change your batteries when you change your clocks.

Carbon Monoxide Detector: Some useful features to look for are an emergency backup battery, rechargeable, in case of a power failure. Also, a digital display for present levels with a memory function to record maximum levels reached.

Emergency Power Supply: This can go beyond a basic generator. There are many options out there like digital invertors for a stable power flow. Also some great all in one units that include a tuner, AM, FM, and TV signals; features include 110 volt AC or 12 volt DC current for recharging cell phones and other things.

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