Tuesday, October 16, 2007

How I Ended Up In Real Estate: Part 1 The Beginning

I decided years ago that I wanted to own my own business. Actually even when I was young I did too. Of course my primary dream back then was to play in the NHL. What boy didn’t? Fortunately my skills in business have always been better then my puck handling, but oh to dream.

If you just run out and start a business without a lot of homework you are not going to succeed. Without a big savings account you are going to have a lot of trouble too. I came from a lower income family. That pretty much meant I had to work very hard to get a head in life.

I started working pretty young. In Niagara Falls the tourist industry gave me a full time job as a teenager. I started working seasonal full time hours at 13 years old. This helped me fund my hockey addiction and other sports-and gradually I started saving for the future.

I tell you I gained a solid appreciation for hard work and the value of a dollar. It can really motivate you when you work that hard and make only a couple bucks an hour. You come to realize there has to be a better way.

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