Tuesday, October 16, 2007

How I Ended Up In Real Estate: Part 2 Fast Forward

I took with me some significant life lessons from my teenage years. I am sure you did as well and can relate. So many mistakes that I wish I hadn’t made but probably best that I did- learning from our mistakes is key I think. I think I could write a novel just based on those years.

Now that I think about it some of those mistakes and lessons carried into my twenties as well. I laugh when I think back now. It was shortly after that I swallowed my pride and realized no matter how much I really wanted success, or how smart I thought I was, it was never going to come to me unless I set out a plan and followed it.

That meant I needed higher education but not just formal also more specific work education as well. It was time to plan for the skills I wanted to gain. It was time to drive forward with a purpose and move beyond survival.

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