Friday, November 16, 2007

London's Smart Buses

The new smart buses are scheduled to hit London’s roads this coming spring (2008) and I have to say some of the features are really cool.

The upcoming changes are part of a plan to improve local transportations systems by providing better customer service and make buses more accessible to all Londoners. The Siemens VDO program has two key elements it allows real time communication to riders and potential riders of its position and time of arrival, as well it allows the bus to have priority service at traffic signals-so the bus can reduce the time it sits at a red light. This will also help with environmental impact from the bus with idle times from sitting.

Now if you are like me you were thinking how great that is and how do you get it-well it is $30, 000 per bus so unless you have more money then you know what to do with I don’t think you will be installing one soon. If you do have enough spare money for one you need to call me and I can help you with that.

It is expensive but fortunately Londoner’s are not going to get hit with a tax increase as the Provincial and Federal Governments are sponsoring programs that are for new and improved services- Thankfully this qualifies.

Another part of the new system involves improving accessibility and quality of use for everyone. One of the new features will provide audible notifications at the approach and arrival of each stop. When the doors open it will announce the bus and the route it is on. The audible messages will be of great value and equalize the environment for someone with a visual disability.
The London Transit Commission has some interesting long term plans for the improvement of London’s transportation-what do you think of this so far?

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